Suffragan Bishop Tony F Thomas Biography
Suffragan Bishop Tony F. Thomas was born in Beaumont, Texas, to the union of Allen and Frances Thomas. He was raised by his grandmother the late Delia Clouche. She instilled in him the importance of sincere concern for people and family.  Through the marriage to his late wife Lisa Ann Thomas came three children; Shirley, Tony II and Seth and two grandchildren; Skylar and Jamal. He has received a Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration. In January of 2000, Suffragan Bishop Thomas became the Pastor of his home church, Christ Temple in Cassopolis, MI where he served faithfully to the Glory of God. In January 2010, Suffragan Bishop Thomas was elected as the 3rd Pastor of Christ Temple Church in Kalamazoo, MI. This is a church with great legacy and heritage. Suffragan Bishop Thomas is loved and appreciated by many for his Bible teaching gift and style, a gift that can only be given by God for God. Suffragan Bishop Thomas has been pastoring for 22 years proclaiming a message of Love and Salvation, according to Isaiah 61:1. Suffragan Bishop Thomas encourages the people of God to have a vision and walk in their purpose.

 His message focus and desire is: 
1. Be honest with yourself, you have to look in the mirror. 
2. Be honest with others, they will be able to see through you. 
3. Be honest with God, he will expose you.
4. Holiness is fun!